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Starting a business is the dream of many people. But to avoid that the dream turns into a nightmare that, alas, does not fade when you wake up, you need to carefully weigh the pros and the cons of your choice.

In my experience as a consultant on business creation I have had meetings with more than 500 would-be and new entrepreneurs. Many of them have successfully started a business or a self-employed activity, others have given up as a result of the analysis developed together both of their ideas and their potential market , thus avoiding waste of time and money.


I also happened to meet entrepreneurs who had started their own business without any kind of advice or marketing support, not even knowing what a business plan is, but simply because they were able to invest some money or  they could open loans at a very appealing interest rate. For some of them, unfortunately, the dream turned into a nightmare! Sales well below their expections, costs well above.

A whole life of savings thrown down the drains, house mortgaged, and so on.

 I thought, more than once: "Had they consulted a marketing expert in time, they would not be in this sleepless night situation".

One or two meetings with an expert advisor on business creation allow you to weigh the prospects of success of your business idea. You can understand how to make a market research, what kind of information and data to gather to have a more realistic view of the potential market, the best organization, the investments you have to make and the operational costs. It 's definitely an opportunity to clear one's mind, for a small fee, and avoid big mistakes. Remember though that the consultant is not an oracle! The success of a business depends not only on the  originality of the idea but mainly on its' promoters' motivation and determination to succeed.

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