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Web reputation: marketing's new frontier

Building, monitoring and strenghtening one's own web credibility and reputation must be considered today the primary objective of any business or free lance activity.Those who claims that this matter does not affect them by saying "the choice of my customers is not internet driven" will diminish dramatically in the very next years or even months.

Today every one of us has the opportunity to decide for a purchase after gathering an enormous amount of information on what he or she is willing to buy. But what is most important is that an increasing number of people make a first selection of their potential suppliers through the web: watching closely the supplier's website, the range of the webshop, current promotions, and above all reading carefully all previous customers' opinions on that supplier and judging their level of satisfaction.

We are not completely aware of it, but our inclination to select a potential supplier after reading his previous customers' reviews is not limited  to the choice of an hotel or a restaurant any longer. A large number of website review a widening number of business activities through the comments of their clients: salon hairdressers, beauty centers, dental practitioners, lawyers, auto repair shops, optical shops an so on. One of this web portal is yelp, but you can find a lot more.

Of course, before granting your confidence to a web portal of commercial reviews, you must have read carefully its policy rules, that is the regulations and criteria adopted to gather and accept the customers' comments. The most commons and trustable rules are that reviewers must have made the purchase experience they comment personally, detailing place, date and time, and that they accept to leave their own generalities. A reviewer must be aware of the consequences he would face in case of false claims and defamation.

After this check, naturally the most reliable reviews are those expressed by a sufficient large number of customers and often you find other people's advice of great help in your decision making process.

As to me, when I do not have in mind a definite supplier, I always try and take a look on the internet and I tend to choose those suppliers whose customers' reviews come closer to my expectations.

Knowing, monitoring and spreading what the others think of us and of our activity will be more and more crucial to drive our potential customers' opinions. It is essential therefore to plan a strategy to increase one's own web visibility,to accept getting involved in web portal reviewers, to monitor other people's comments on us and accept them as a powerful tool to improve our business's level of service and do always our very best. Building a positive web reputation and spreading it will be the most important driving force to develop our business.

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