Pietro Sanfilippo

Marketing, Comunicazione, Formazione

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When details make the difference

Success in a marketing campaign depends more and more on the way we pay attention to each single detail. You may agree with this statement if you just think of your everyday professional activity. As for me I can tell you a few recent episodes:

choosing the right pay off for a business logo or brand, finding the best way and time during the day to reach a potential prospect or a decision maker by telephone, choosing some killing words for a sale presentation so as to be more effective and persuasive. And we could go on and on... You can argue "Hey Peter you ain't telling us nothing new!" But maybe the secret lies just in there. It's in the smallest everyday activities, quite often repetitive, that one must try to improve himself. The counterproof of my statement is evident! What would have happened had I not paid enough attention to each detail? The answer is simple: the company brand would go on being obscure, the sale presentation would have been ineffective, the prospect or decision maker unreachable or on permanent meeting.

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