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Advertising with AdWords

Targeted campaigns, micro-marketing activities, small budgets, and the opportunity to improve the advertising return on investment (ROI) much faster than any other advertising medium, working on each single element that can improve conversion rate. These are the main advantages offered by this powerful tool of web visibility.

Yet you do not achive the best results with AdWords by simply opening an account and launching a campaign. To get the most out of this powerful on-line advertising tool you must keep on trying systematically to improve the redemption of subsequent campaigns. How? AdWords allows you to do this in variuos ways: identifying more precisely and selectioning the areas where your prospects might live in and the keywords they usually type in the search-engine box, improving your caimpagns' conversion rate all along the path that goes from the enquiry in the search engine to e-mailing you an order form. For instance improving the campaign's effectiveness to create new leads, or the copy of the advertising or the image and text of the landing page. These steps allows you to achieve a better redemption for your campaign even of several points which means a better ROI.


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